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When Christian Sintes established Luv Studio, he was not just putting on his architecture hat. He wanted to set up an architecture firm whose fundamental belief is creating inspiring designs that will bring change and enhance social, cultural, and environmental landscapes. 

The team at Luv has the client at the heart of the design process. The client’s vision is critical. The client is also updated every step to ensure the architects get to the heart of the client’s interests and deliver it creatively and have a genuine representation of what the client wants. To this team, they are the bridge between the ordinary and extraordinary. 

Luv has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Ibiza. However, they have left footprints in at least 15 countries as they seek to provide practical building designs enhanced with the latest technology and unique craftsmanship.

Some of the places featured in Luv’s portfolio include Menorca, Luxemburg, London, Paris, Zurich, USA, Algarve, Mallorca, London, the Caribbean, Middle East, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Dubai, and many more countries. 

Luv Studio Africa Projects

Africa is ripe for the changing architecture landscape, and many architects are seeking opportunities to showcase their skills and leave a mark in the growing real estate industry. 

LUV has worked on more than 180 projects in the past five years in at least 15 countries. These projects are not just architecture designs but investment opportunities that bring physiological, economic, and social changes. Some of these projects, made up of commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail designs, are in Africa.

The One Skybar, Dakar, Senegal 

The One Skybar is a contemporary, exclusive, luxurious, classy, and unique business hub at the heart of Dakar. 

The architects used a vertical line facade on most of the building. The vertical glass windows and doors are great for natural light, aesthetics, and panoramic views. Isolated pillars in different parts of the bar add to the texture and appeal of the architecture design.

The bar area is one of the most outstanding areas of this design. The circular bar has a suspended column, which looks like an elevated part of the bar at a glance. It is functional as a storage area and holds an aesthetic appeal with a design that mimics the entire building where vertical lines add texture. 

The One Tower, Dakar, Senegal

The One Tower is a 450m² building whose facade is mainly glass, separated by vertical columns. While it is named One Tower, it looks like two towers joined together at a glance. 

One part of the Tower is shorter with thinner windows, separated by multiple columns running from the upper to the ground floor. The other part of the Tower has a wider glass facade. 

Natural light is one of the appeals about this building, and since the light penetration is evident throughout the entire building, it is a great energy saver. The design and height make this building one of the landmarks in Dakar.

Epycentre Business Park 

The Epycentre Business Park is a state-of-the-art, modern business center made up of a block of buildings. They include at least 19 buildings housing offices, 23 shops, a 500-seat amphitheater, co-working spaces, and 700 parking slots. A high-speed optical fiber serves this entire center making this business park attractive to entrepreneurs and the business community. 

Seen Hotel Dakar

The facade of the Seen Hotel is one of the most outstanding features that make this design stand out. Unlike most building designs where the vertical columns stand out, the Seen hotel has a horizontal, upbeat facade with incredible texture. The ground floor has wide windows to allow light into the lobby. The upper floors have windows with shutters for privacy and additional beauty. 

Y-Tower Hotel, Yaounde, Cameroon 

The Y-Tower hotel is a 13-storey building with basement parking. The facade is mainly made of glass, with layered columns. The first three floors cover a wider area, while the top 10 floors for a tower, occupying half of the lower part of the building, form an L-shape. A green garden at the base of the Tower enhances this architectural design.

Yaounde Tower Hotel, Cameroon 

The design of the Yaounde Tower Hotel is not only functional but different in multiple ways. The design is multi-faceted. The creative design draws attention to the box-shaped balconies on the Tower, with the doors and windows embedded inwards. The lower block is wider, and the large windows allow natural light. 

The architects at Luv Studio look at the function of the design and aim to use readily available materials. Their projects in Africa are specifically with modernity, simplicity, and sustainability in mind.

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